dear dr.d
a breakthrough?
the last dream i had that i can remember was in fact a very
disturbing one. the following morning i had a sort of dream
'hangover' ...the effects of which, did not leave me until after
the six or seventh cup of coffee (or perhaps it was after a
particularly grueling sunday morning weight training ses-
sion...i cant recall) the dream, my brother (a decent and
upstanding man in real life), murdered a young woman....he
was on the run and i was trying to find him so i could help
him evade the police, who were hot on his trail...of course i
could not find him in time to help him, and i arrived at his
house while the police were leading him out in andcuffs...he
looked forlorn as one might expect....he shouted something
to me which i could not make-out... i tried to get a cab to
follow him to the police station....but i was unsuccessful....i
got lost....after a period of time i found myself in the police
station with him, separated by glass and talking to him on a
telephone, like in the movies.....he was devastated by the
prospect of life imprisonment and as i spoke with him i
thought "how will i ever sleep at nite with the knowledge
that my brother is residing in a maximum security
prison...convicted for the crime of murder 1?"...i think i
regained consciousness sometime after that and
lay in bed mumbling 'it was only a dream...nothing
to worry about....only a dream'''
' it was strange, now that i think of it, because
when i dream of someone getting arrested
and going to prison that someone is usually
i guess that is progress...
From: Bill Whitten

My first submission. From the geek of the

Describes last night pretty well. Weird coincidence that
you're asking for dream stuff...

void tryToAwaken(int terrorLevel)
     if (terrorLevel <= 10)
     } else if (terrorLevel >10 && terrorLevel <=1000)
        int decibels = terrorLevel/2;
        screamToAwaken( (decibels < maxDecibels) ? deci-
bels : maxDecibels );
        tryToAwaken(terrorLevel ^
     } else if (terrorLevel > 1000)
        terrorLevel = 0;
Lynn Levy

snippets of dreams past:
Mom’s Head

I go into the bathroom and my mother’s head is in a stain-
less steel tray on the back of the toilet and I say: “What are
you doing here?” and she says: “Well you guys made me
do this!”
I have killed someone and am planning on burying them in
the median between two roads, figuring no one will ever
look there. I have the person in a box all sealed up and my
brother comes in and needs the box for something else. I
watch as he slowly and carefully unwraps the box. Just as
he is opening it I say: “I know what’s in there” and he says:
“A dead baby.” Just then the body moves and sits up and
it’s my brother, all purple and black lips and I say: “Go back
to sleep, now...” He looks at me and I say “Can you
speak?” thinking if I can I’ll ask if he’s been to heaven. He
looks as though he is about to, then mouths: No.
Analyze This
These kids find an unusual giant cicada. It’s head
is purple and it is really friendly. First it comes out
of this gooey stuff and we think it’s a dog for some
reason. It loves this one kid, Richard. Then, we are
on a farm and a little baby thinks it’s a cow and is
dragging it around all over the place. The thing is
calling my name to save it, so I crawl on it’s back
and we fly away.
From: "threecrowscawing"<>

I dreamt of my Grandfather's death-
I dreamt that I went to his house after he died. Strangers
were organizing everything to be sold. I picked up a little
bent up cigar box and collected a few little things, one was
a fake mustache. I went upstairs and my grandmother's
things were in a closet and they were beautiful and antique.
They fit me perfectly because she was my grandmother.
They made me look beautiful. I had one in my hand but the
door shut in the closet and as I looked in the mirror I saw a
scary face. There was no way to get rid of the scary image
that superimposed itself over the real reflections so I got out
of there. It was very scary. I went down to grandpa's closet
and realized there were boxes and bins of all sorts of col-
lections my grandfather had in life, albums, books-a set of
Peanuts books with crafts in them from when I was a kid
(not really), a bin of his shoes, some weird jelly
shoes that he must have had when he was sick
and I didn't see him. By then I was crying and cry-
ing. Somehow my mother showed up and joined
the crying. I think we were there for his funeral-
The next night: Still weeping about my grandfather’s death (He died Aug.
99)..But on tv, Grandpa Simpson died too.. I was devas-
tated that this could happen at the same time..

MGF 5/28/01

Brian Smith, '90, (History) after working at WTEN in Albany
for three years, is the owner and manager of The
Bowlerama in Albany.
Jeanmarie Lally, '88, (Mus. Theatre) is singing with the Mt.
Kisco Presbyterian Church and working for two major choral
contractors in New York City.