Some Haiku About Dreams

On a backwards bike,
waving "bye" to my girlfriend
from the second grade.

The man down the street
owns a tiny Doberman.
He punches my head.

Dreams can reoccur
for instance, there's one I have
with a train station.

I enjoy sleeping,
but sometimes dreams interfere
with my needed rest.

The mushrooms
I took produced really strange visions
and bad dreams. Thanks, Dave!

My dog carter dreams.
He twitches and shakes and cries...
Is it his mother?

My wife dreams a lot.
They often involve the dead,
then she wakes me up.

Once I thought that if
I could wake up in my dreams
power would be mine.

Dreams are like children-
born of girls you slept with once
but did not know well.
Tony Artur

HereŐs my coolest dream to date:
I dreamt that I was driving around West Oakland
in a big ol 1970 Plymouth Fury. Kurt Cobain was
with me and Nirvana was blasting on the stereo.
Kurt was practically sitting in my lap. He was tap-
ping on my front tooth with his index finger while
we sang along with the cd. His icy blue eyes
were searing with intensity. If this isnŐt talking with
the dead, then thereŐs just no such thing. É and I
was never that big a fan, neither. R.I.P. K.C.
Chris Panny

I've been having lots of dreams about the Fredonia
gang lately, not sure why?? First I dreamed that Mark
invented an anatomically correct male doll that actually ejac-
ulated. He made a million dollars selling it. Of course that's
pretty close to what he's doing now, sorta! ;-) Then i
dreamed that we were all at a party together but no one
was talking, we were all just looking at each other and smil-
ing. Then just random dreams where people will pop up for
a minute - Dave as a newscaster reading the news, Billy
climbing trees, Katie giving me a bag full of seashells, you
riding the seesaw with me. Strange. Dec. 11, 2000

It's so weird, I had another dream about you
and your family last night. We were all driving in
your van somewhere and you kept climbing out the
windows and reappearing in another window and
climbing back in. All the while we were going about
60 mph. And you had a little girl and a boy, instead
of two boys. And you guys lived in a villa in
Ireland, on the top of a bluff overlooking the ocean.
Strange. 3/31/01
Deb Curley in email to mary

MaryŐs Cameo in CarmenŐs Dream
You were looking out a window seat, looking slender like
you did in college. You had on a pair of light green shorts
and a white t-shirt and little white bobby socks and your
black shiny shoes. You had your black pointy cat-eye glass-
es and long, bobbed, wavy hair and your head was tilted to
the side as you looked out the window...jan. 2001
Carmen Quinones

Professor Psychopath, Dream Weaving 101
Assignment 1 Due by May 1, 2001

Seeing as there has been quite a few weird dreams going
on lately, please consider submitting any dream related fod-
der you might have to This Magazine...(Food Issue does not
seem to be happening or may only be a sidebar).
Anyhow, Dreams, Dream sequences, Day Dreams, Lyrics for
the Girl Band Dream, etc. Nightmares and delusional
thoughts will be accepted. Extra Credit for Dreams about
me.Also please send any addresses and emails of those
who have moved since February 2000...Thanks
Dr. Psychopath Mary G Fridmann This Staffer



Art by
Bobby Nicol