The Spot
From: EVR2@aol.com
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:21:00 EDT
Subject: Re: THIS assignment

She called it "the spot". It's a very normal
area of the body. I had never
paid attention to it before she pointed it out.

She really liked it. She found it very sexy.
I never fully grasped why, but I
never questioned it.

She would get upset with me if I wore any
kind of clothing that hid it from
her. I guess if I was upset with her, I would
purposely hide it from her.

When we parted, I have to admit that I kind
of forgot about it. I thought I
was happy without her.

When we talked about being together again,
she reminded me about it and told
me how much she thought about it. I even took a
picture of it and sent it to
her. It meant a lot to her to have that
photo, and it meant a lot to me to
bring happiness to her troubled life at that

Now it is unlikely that we will ever be
together. I think about her all the
time. Every time I see "the spot", I think
about how much I miss her.

Ode to the hypothalumus
From: worldevolution@mindspring.com (michael warner)
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 15:50:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Another assignment
Ode to the hypothalumus. You neglected organ you!
How few of us stop to feel thy hypophisotropic

You stimulate my adenohypophysis sending
hormones to a groin near you babe.

Target organs like my heart recieve all the
poets words on love. But I silent like
the still waters excrete my TSH into
your endocrane gland.

Rough white waters show strength
but the silent current is much

I move your pancreas,
I shake your thyroid,
I stur your electrolyte
transporting you
to higher dimensions
of ecstacy baby.

What baby could be without me!

So don't go talk'n about
your sassy organelles or gonatic
members without look'n for
the button that pushes the
elevator up in building
uterus babe.

Mind me I'm your Hypothalumus.


mouth haiku
by lady

Painted cardioid
They call it "bleeding" when stain
creeps into wrinkles