Try to think long term.
Very long term,
probably even after you
are dead. Maybe after
your kids are dead. OK
are you there?

Scientist have discovered the instruction manual for
the human gene. They have discovered how the
human gene works, and

now they can manipulate your genes to change any attribute of yourself. Friday night, you are going out to socialize.
But you feel kind of blue. So you inject yourself with a chemical that “re-programs” your genes, and turns the
pigment of your skin to blue. In a few hours the change is complete, and you go to the club.
It’s easy to find someone to socialize with, that will either share your feelings
(another blue person), or someone to cheer you up and change your mood.
However, remember that the human is also sinister.
 Every salesperson on the planet will look exactly like you want them to look,
  based on the data recorded about you in the universal property catalog,
   gathered from the zillions of observation collectors throughout the atmosphere.
    It will be impossible to say no to these salespersons, and you will
fail to see the harm in
purchasing a dynamic dust
incinerator for the 3rd time this

anatomy.       you grow new body parts and change existing ones,
                           whenever the mood fits.
in this impromptu documentation of human thoughts on paper, some very humans describe their favorites in exchange for recognition.          injoyz.