criticism coming from an idiot

pardon me for being impolite, but you suck! Lately things have taken a turn for the worst, and
i'm afraid you have no where to turn but sideways. I have faced my fears and they smell terri-
ble. But now it is time to turn the leaf over, and wipe the other side.

Have you ever considered where you're coming from. In marketing lingo they call this "posi-
tioning", as if it's a game you play while lining up for the Indy 500 race. But in a way that's what
it is. When you walk out into the real world (and i'm talking about emerging from the womb,
not graduating from college) you start to do things that define your world, your position.
Obviously, other things around you help shape your development, whether you're born to a
crack addicted mother or born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But anyway, you turn into
a person that has pre defined notions about what makes life go round, and this points into
where you're going in life. So say you walk around assuming everybody owes you everything.
Well that's an attitude, and if you dig it, well then fine. I'm not trying to say what's right or
wrong. I guess i'm just drunk. But a lot of times, where you get in life, and how hard it is to
get there, is determined by your `tude and direction, etc. Meaning that some people get
through life as if nothing bothers them, and the rest of us freak out every time the electric bill
is due. Well, "life's what you make it", is just too easy of a saying to say without really mean-
ing it, but it's really true. So make it what you want.

Grow a plant this weekend, and then take 60 minutes to just stop and think about the previ-
ous week. Even if you think you don't have time to do this, consider what would happen if you
were abruptly kidnapped and held at gunpoint. My point is you wouldn't be able to do any-
thing, but just stand there (unless your Arnold Schwartzenager). So just stop and do it and
make it important enough to do it. And while you're thinking, just try to get in touch with your-
self, what you're doing in life, where you're going, and maybe how to get there. Wow how
existentialist! BUt seriously, much of what is wrong nowadays, is because we're all too busy
running around doing, without stopping and THINKING! And while you're at it, don't be a
tackless taskmaster. Submit any revelations you might have to THIS MEGAZINE for anony-
mous publication. Thanks.