This is a rele story.
Contributed by a concerned teacher: Kurt Helfrich

May/1 4/9 1
To: Mr. H

Once upan a time there was a
boy named Josh Masden He
couldn't pay his charg fo tow


Reannie Roads

I don't understand this whole
problem with silicon breast
implants. Broccoli prevents
cancer, why not just use
broccoli? I mean, sure it would
be lumpy, but think of the
variety. For the petite woman -
into each breast. Then stand
under a sunlamp for an hour
each day. In just 2 months you
could be a size D. So for your
breast implants, shop at
Wegman's. "Every day, you get
our breasts!"


A play of real life stories

weeks or he would
get no lunch. Then
about 3 months
latter he had to stay
in the ofice because
he Depanced Jessica
Polock. So he had to
stay in the office for
tow days and on the
last day the people
that run the lunch
line said I could not
charge so I Had to
eat a bun a Milk.
P.S. I Bet my mom's
going to chew their
Buts off. And I Hope

Act I:
I saw doctor Jeckle
on Hyde St. He
looked a bit 111 so I
bought him a
Bourbon and took
him to Grove
(Grovey) St. He was
wearing leather
chaps leaving his
hairy butt all hanging
out. Near Polk and
Vallejo I heard
someone shout -
SHOUT is all they
could do at my friend
in his butt pants and
the hairy part too.
-Haze St. San


Paul Weinman

Interesting, where he wears his
bag of bad guy's ears... strung
from his back on that black cord.
Crisscrossing his own thick
body. They can hear what I
can't see - He'll say, penknife
opened hidden in pocketed hand.
Most belonged to industrialist,
some religious guys - advertising
people S&L sharks. Sometimes,
I dry 'em in the sun. He'll
whisper. Makes 'em look like
potato chips. No sodium.

Bird's Eye, and for the woman
with gusto - Jolly Green Giant.
Frozen broccoli can keep you
cool all summer long. And
Madonna wannabes can use
broccoli spears. Broccoli
implants have several
advantages over silicon.
Broccoli has lots of iron in it, so
you wouldn't have to worry
about sagging breasts. Also -
with silicon breasts you can't
breast-feed, but with Beachnut
baby broccoli breasts you can
keep your baby cancer-free as
well as your breasts. For a more
gradual increase in breast
size, broccoli seeds can be implanted

Act II:
Skquiggle, skquiggle skquiggle,
skquare, skquare, round, groovy,
words make a man a woman
and a murderer. There's a round
sound fighting evolution
and a rise
in the fighting an' the glory
there's a round sound fighting
and the heat
of the thick of the story
Which if read stoned and in full
makes you paint every wall of
your place or a friend's which is
more than I can say for The Bible
Ezra, Christ, Jacob, and Sam
The Bible is lie the lie is the fun