Good Morning Campers I hope I didn't wake you with my farting.

As recited by the wonderful Mr. WAZ

Well its a been a long time. Too long for the clap on,....clap off generation. Nasty threats,
letters, yogurt coupons. Nuclear Power Stations, alive with butterflies. Movies with dogs,
lizards & whales. Now nothing matters. Entire Alphabets on fire, ablaze with truth, speak
aloud. Steal your money, to sell you the world. My lies have become Ramen Noodle
gourmet dinners for the masses. Young Doctors try to "fix" my brain. Dry jello passing off
as intelligence, fascinated by nothing but a circle of friends, smiling, laughing.
Remembering pictures to stab when alone, to cry of larceny, deception, marble tiles of lies
- stretching from here to there. Is it really the journey and not the bus ? All written in
stone. Try to tell me true creativity takes money, takes time. Takes promotion, selling
tickets, spitting blood, cursing others to elevate oneself. Pain would create more glad than
a thousand buckets of cash. The paper that I write upon is not worth more then a beer
cap. Save a forest, save a tree, save a roast beef sandwich for me ! Forget about money,
do what makes you happy. Parents will spend cash, then grandparents, then GOD. Don't
forget to change your mind every 40,000 words. Clean your mind be swimming. Eat the
fruit of strange countries. Breathe the air of Egypt. Read the words of Socrates. Party on
Bill & Ted All letters, stories, pictures & money to: This Megazine P.O. Box 67
Springbrook, NY 14140 or fax 883-3360.



Got Nothin' To Do ?

Mark Sad

Serve a fecal meatloaf with semen
sauce to a dinner party of dwarves who
are dressed from head to toe in green
felt. Afterwards, strip & blindfold them and lead them to a vomitorium. Film the whole
thing with a camcorder and send it in to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Peas Mahn

Timothy Wm. Eaton, ESQ III

I see that in back issue Summer '92, my name did not appear among ThisList of members.
I want to be a member and bring others along with me. (Short version): I am working as a
substitute teacher and in a juvenile delinquent center. They think I'm a kid who can't get a
court date.
- Sorry Charlie Brown. Last time we heard, you were living in Disneyland and selling your
body for tatoo souvenirs. Please join our party. Remember to update your address changes everyone. - The
Editor in Lard, Chicken butt.