Waz's Biggest Birthday Party Ever
*please be patient as there are bunches of photos and it will take a bit for them to load*

On June 29th Micky played at The Brown Bean. Some people showed up early:

Deb, Dave, Katie, Micky, Mark and Michael

 micky at Brown Bean
Micky at Brown Bean

 Jon and Mike
Jon and Michael Fridmann

 crowd shot
Crowd Shot

June 30th, 10 am


Beer #1Kurt pours the 1st beer 

Deb and Mary give up on putting the croquet set together, letting the pros try

 Deb and Mark
Deb and Mark


1 pm ish

Lunch with Boo:Kurt, Mark, Micky, Katie, Billy

Tractor Rides



Kevin Scott

EVR, Katie, Billy and Kelly

We shall pause here as did the party did when some idiot forgot to look where he was going and almost took Kelly and her brother out...instead wrapping himself around a tree...

Click here for 2nd half of photos. These are Mary's Photos by the way..